Welcome to the homepage of B.P.I.R.S.( Binghamton Paranormal Investigation Research Society). B.P.I.R.S. or as the team calls it beepers, is a paranormal investigation group based in Binghamton N.Y. It was founded in April of 2004 by Will Jenks and Wade Clark. The team has conducted many investigations with varying and interesting results. Everything from EVP's to full bodied apparition of a shadow person. 

In February of 2014 B.P.I.R.S. was named an affiliate to Ghost Adventurers. This is an honor given to only the best of the best in the paranormal field and it is a privilege to be part of the GAC family. 

​B.P.I.R.S. focuses on searching for absolute proof of spirit intervention, and using the latest technology the results have been outstanding. So if your interested and want to learn more, feel free to explore our site.

​Currently we are looking to do investigations for places believed to be haunted. We have a very professional demeanor and our services our free of charge. Please see our contact info to set up an investigation. Serious inquires only please. 

Again, thanks for checking out our site...

​Don't forget to check us out on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

B.P.I.R.S. is available to do lectures/presentations. Please contact us today to set one up

The site has been updated as of October 1, 2014.....please check back for updates

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